Content marketing is about changing minds and influencing consumer behavior

ZINGO POW! is an Amsterdam based content marketing agency that specializes in creating brand identities and relevant customer-centric content. Are you looking for a partner that can develop an impactful campaign and or an engaging continual content plan?

 Changing or maintaining
consumer behavior

What do you think when you see a display that says ‘affordable romance’ on a flower shop? Does it make you wonder? Is this a joke? Is this even possible? Can you put a price tag on some instant heartfelt romance?

Smart brands
place customers first 

People are in control. They decide if branded content is worthy of their time. But... yes, there’s a but... brands can be in control as well! If brands choose to place their customers first and create relevant customer-centric content for them, they  can positively influence their target audience's attitude. By doing so, a win-win situation is created for both parties.

Every content marketing strategy needs to start with a true purpose and clear company targets. In order to reach those ambitions, a customer-centric mindset is a necessity. Brands often think they know what customers want, without taking the time to fully find out. What are their interests, needs and pain points? Via which channels are they most receptive for information? The key to creating relevant content is to really understand your customers. It increases the chance of changing consumer behavior in a desirable way and accomplishes all goals. 




It all starts with a strong brand identity. That  makes your brand instantly recognizable  to your customers and shapes your company.

Brand Positioning / Golden Circle / Communication Ladder / Corporate Identity / Storytelling / Enhance Brand Experience


Every brand needs an overall game plan for reaching people, engage with them and turning them into loyal customers.

Research & Analyses / Always-On Content Strategy / Campaign Strategy / eCRM Strategy / Customer Lifecycle / Persona Development / Editoral Formula


A strategy comes to life  when it translates into creative content ideas that are relevant and appealing for the target audience.

Concept Design / Creative Concepts / Creative Formats / News Jacking / Video Scripts / Tone of voice / Pay-offs


When creative concepts are developed into content eye-candy it's time to make some impact and change customer behavior!

Graphic Design / Illustration / Animation / Video / Photography / Copywriting


Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Roxsane. Freelance Strategist, Art Director and Content Creative as well  as a big fan of sugar-free ice cream.

I’m also known as the driving force behind ZINGO POW! together with a close team of freelance friends and connections.


After 10 years in Marketing (6 years as an Art Director and 4 years as a Strategist for great companies such as Yourzine, Yune and Dorst & Lesser) I decided it was time for a change. I desired more freedom. One of my dreams is to initiate extracurricular projects that make people happier and care for Mother Nature too. Besides making the world a better place, I still love to take on commercial challenges. Being a fulltime freelancer allows me to do both.



Do you have an interesting brand identity or content marketing challenge? Count ZINGO POW! in :)


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